Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ecuador, a quick round-up of links

Just some useful info for anyone who wants to travel there...

We stayed at the following, all of which I would recommend for their service and their friendliness (and in no particular order):

Black Sheep Inn
Mindo Gardens Lodge
Hosteria Mandala
Auberge Inn hostal
El Sol hostal, Cayambe

The Lonely Planet was pretty poor; maybe worth getting a different guidebook if possible. Other guides used: Ridgley & Tudor's A Field Guide to the birds of Ecuador [opens an Amazon link] (we only took vol. I out into the field, as that was plenty to be carrying.). We also took the Travellers Wildlife Guides: Ecuador [another Amazon link; sorry] by Pearson & Beletsky, which we found to be very jungle-oriented and pretty much useless for our purposes. Nice enough book though.

Finally, and very definitely not least was Danny, who guided us for the morning around Mindo: his company is Mindo Birding.

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