Monday, 7 July 2014

Promised photos

Like a bus - wait ages for one, then two come in quick succession. The moth-trapping was not too bad. Some 60 individuals of about 30 species, though only one or two micro-moth species which were new to the garden list. The most spectacular was - of course - an Elephant Hawkmoth, pink and green like some over-the-top sweet. Their season is coming to an end now, so it wasn't quite the vibrant beauty of the earlier ones, but fun nonetheless.

Some pictures to make up for the boring previous blog - they're a mish-mash from this weekend and earlier in the year...:

The Buff-tip. A moth that looks like a chip of birch-twig at rest. I'll take a decent photo from the side one day and post it.

Sugar sugar. Our first hawkmoth species: Elephant Hawkmoth. Tropically exotic.

Papa! Eine rosa motte!

A popular hawkmoth: the second species we've recorded - Poplar Hawkmoth. One from earlier in the year

The latest - and largest - of our hawkmoths: Privet Hawkmoth.

The Spectacle; so named because it looks like it's wearing spectacles from the front. I'll dig out a photo...

The Coronet. Not the best of photos, but a very fine moth.

Common Wainscot. Perhaps a quintessentially boring brown moth?

Finally, just because I like it, some ballooning spiderlings on the knapweed in our 'meadow'.

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