Sunday, 20 June 2010

Random photos

Friday saw the final brood of Pied Flycatchers ringed at Na's site; 12 nests producing 76-odd chicks. Total numbers are down in comparison to the past couple of years, but the productivity of each nests is way up. This, we think, is a good thing.

More pictures from the weekend. A bright and early start on Saturday (on the moors by 5:30 a.m.) was followed by a long morning of tramping over the heather and grasses in search of more nests. A goodly number of nests were checked - one Reed Bunting nest had failed, probably due to a sheep or cow walking through it and trashing it, but the rest were fine:

A brood of Whinchat, about six days old and the perfect size for ringing. At least four of last year's pulli seem to have come back to their natal area - always good to see...

Cuckoo, resting

Cuckoo, gaping

Cuckoo, lurking

Cuckoo, posing

A quick visit also to the Southern Damselfly site on Dartmoor - this is perfect habitat for the species. 

Amongst the many Southern Damsels on view, this male was decidedly persistent in trying to come between a male Large Red Damsel and his female. Optimism, eh?

Round-leaved Sundew (Drosera rotundifolia)

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