Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Housing - pt II

All change.  Inside first. We moved in to this... the first boxes of our gubbins on the floor.
The bedroom walls were painted pink, over several layers of wallpaper. Some of the wallpaper had been stripped back already.

Looking to the bedroom window.
Not much to be told there.

Spare room - currently inhabited by Chris & Kay - prior to being filled with everything we owned.

The livingroom. Mushroom and carmine walls. Yum.

Looking to the back garden from the livingroom.

The kitchen. A sort of raspberry-terracotta on the walls. Also yum.

Midway through the kitchen: now full of our belongings. Coolbox doing sterling service as 'fridge.

Arturo leans casually in the hallway.

Self and Arturo vacuuming the livingroom, prior to getting varnish down on the floor.

Our bedroom, in progress...

Liquid sunshine on the livingroom walls now.

Livingroom finished: books and some pictures making a more homely feel.

Our bedroom in a semi-livable state.

A final coat of paint on Chris & Kay's walls

And the garden... after a very minor bit of bramble clearance

And after a significant amount of work!

Chris doing his bit...

And Kay doing hers...

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