Thursday, 18 February 2010

Black-headed update II

Another snippet of news on the ringed Black-headed Gulls. The ringing details for the adult with the Latvian ring have been forwarded on by the BTO and the Latvian ringing scheme: he/she/it was ringed in Riga (the capital), on 7th March 2008, aged at the time as a bird more than 2 years old. It's back again this winter, so managed to survive a couple of 2,000km trips across Europe without too much hassle. Hope to see it again next winter!

Updated map:

It's interesting to add in the handful of ring readings gleaned over a winter in Vienna, some years back - which includes one bird from Malmo, the same site (and ringer?) as one of my Exeter ring-readings...:

Finally, a bit of an abstract from last weekend - bubbles in ice from a frozen hollow in a Dartmoor tor.

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