Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Beat those winter blues

OK, I know it's a bit late, but in our trip planning, we've come across the following webcam, which will only be of use to us in the evenings, our time. Dream away, drift away...

On an entirely different note, a new Black-headed Gull ring at the Quay today. This is a quick summary of how it looks this spring:

10th Feb: 1 Swedish metal ring
18th Feb: same Swedish bird
20th Feb: 1 Latvian metal ring (seen earlier in the winter by Nik W.)
23rd Feb: 2 Swedish metal rings (one the same as on 10th and 18th)
24th Feb: 1 Danish colour-ringed (metal also read), long-staying Swede
25th Feb: Dutch metal ring
4th March: Finnish metal ring...

What next??!

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