Sunday, 11 November 2007

Webs for the web

Prawle Point, 11th November 2007
Took my cousin to Prawle Point today, the southernmost point of Devon. An otherwise unremarkable walk was enlivened by the discovery of the following web, plastered over about 3 square metres of gorse. The creators appear to be tiny red spiders - vast numbers of them having perished, presumably through the grotty weather. Plenty more where they came from, though... The only birds of note - beyond Cirl Buntings - were a couple of very late House Martins hawking round the woods below East Prawle village. They'd better get a wiggle on if they want to make it through the winter...

A snail's-eye view of the web - there was a snail wrapped well into the web a little further along as well...
Pete gets his shot!
The authors of this web!

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